Enjoy Sic Bo Casino Online and win big

Sic Bo Casino Online is an exciting game played with dice, thought to originate with the ancient Chinese. Although until recently it was only common to casinos based in the Far East, its growing popularity has spread so far and wide it is now offered at a large amount of both online and land-based casinos around the world. Similar to the game of online Craps, Sic bo uses three dice instead of two, and the extra dice definitely lead to extra excitement during gameplay!

Rules for Sic Bo Casino Online

Betting for this game is based on players guessing on what the total will be after the dice have rolled. Although this seems simple, there are a number of different betting options to choose from, and this is where the pleasure and enjoyment the game holds lie.

Players are able to bet that only one number will appear on each of the three dice, a wager named Three of a Kind, or that one number will appear on two of the three dice, Two of a Kind. There is further the Small Bet, which relies on the total for all three dice being between four and ten, and the Big Bet, covering the numbers from 11 to 17. You are also allowed to make a bet on a specific result, wagering on the exact amount you believe the total will be. Although more difficult, this does yield significantly bigger wins.

Sic Bo Casino Online Strategy

You can make your random dice throws a little less so if you do your homework and determine which of the bets will end up being the most lucrative, and how it is your timing when you wager that greatly affects how often and how much you win.

Players are advised to lay their money on the bets that cover the widest amount of numbers, namely the Small and Big Bets. Your chances of winning are brought up to fifty percent! Payouts can also be raised by wagering on single numbers, but bet on more than one number if you decide to go this route, in order to increase the likelihood of guessing correctly.

Three of a Kind and Two of a Kind offer the highest payouts, at 150 to one, but the odds of these appearing is extraordinarily low, at 240 to one. The house has the edge here, so players should think twice before being seduced by the massive payout they potentially offer.

Sic Bo Casino Online Variations

Two exist, both American, namely Grand Hazard and Chuck-a-Luck. Experiment with the original, and, if you enjoy it enough, you will be glad of the deviations these employ.

With withdrawal and deposit options as varied as the types of players who enjoy the game, Australian players can rest assured that their needs will be meet when they decide upon a reputable casino to try this game in. MasterCard, Visa, Skrill, Moneybookers and POLi –players will be spoiled for choice as online casinos scramble to meet their every need.

Sic Bo Casino online is an easy to understand game, that offers players considerable potential wins, and the reasons for its ever-growing popularity are evident.