Keno Casino Games

Have you ever played bingo, or been tempted to? Well, then you will have no trouble playing Keno Casino Games, a game thought to have been invented by the Chinese hundreds of years ago. Updated with a contemporary twist for the modern world, Australian players are now able to enjoy it online with a wide variety of online casinos offering it.

How to play Keno Casino Games

Although casinos differ on the details of play, the general idea remains the same. When you play in a virtual casino, you will be asked to predict the numbers appearing on 20 balls drawn from a pool of 80. Select and wager on the amount of balls you have selected, and you are in line to win the money, the amount you win depending on the amount of numbers you have correctly guessed.

Select the size of your chips, and then choose numbers on your Keno Casino Games board by left-clicking on them and so highlighting them. If you change your mind, simply left-click again, and the number will be unselected and you will be able to continue the process until your total selection has been made. Players can determine the size of the payout by viewing the board found to the left of the table displayed onscreen.

The game will begin when the player selects the play button, and, as they are drawn, the colour of the selected numbers will change, informing the player of his correct guesses. Once the total amount of 20 has been drawn payouts will be made according to the number of correct conjectures and the game will restart once the player decides to begin again.

Free and real money play

Players are able to play Keno casino games for free online until they feel they know the game well enough to invest real money in it, so feel free to take your time learning the rules until you feel confident enough to start betting –and winning- real money.

Having trouble deciding on the numbers to bet on? Well, then there is the Kwikpik option, whereby the numbers you bet on are generated by a machine, taking the pressure off! Once you have received your numbers, the process is the same, simply sit back and relax while the winning numbers are revealed. The easy pace this game offers is one of the reasons it is so popular, and the excitement that each new number revealed builds up has no rival!

Enjoy lottery-style entertainment

Deposit and withdrawal options at Australian casinos may differ from casino to casino; the majority will accept all of the major MasterCard and Visa credit and debit cards, various e-Wallets, like Skrill and Moneybookers, and the ever popular Australian POLi casino payments. This is certainly Australia’s favourite method of online payment, providing consumers without credit cards with a safe and secure method of transacting online.

Try your luck with Keno casino games online today, and enjoy the entertaining world of online casinos. Its global popularity is taking hold in Australia, and with the ease of play it offers combined with the potentially huge wins, it is easy to see why.