Ever Popular Slots Casino Games

Slots casino games online are widely enjoyed in Australia, largely because they are viewed as being replicas of the games that are often to be found in locations like pubs and shops. These spinning reel games are so popular with local players that they’ve even been given their own nickname, and for Australian players ‘pokies’ is the moniker by which most slots games are known.

Types of Slots Casino Games

These games can be classified into two types, the first being whether they are video or classic, and then whether they are progressive or non-progressive. Classic slot games resemble the typical Slots machine that makes use of fruit symbols, with three reels and a small amount of paylines. Video Slots Casino Games are more modern, and are based on comic book themes or make use of symbols familiar to us because of popular films. These can feature as many as five reels, and the amount of paylines can run into the hundreds.

A progressive jackpot Slots game will usually award players a fewer amount of smaller payouts than is average, and the virtual counterpart that has no progressive jackpot will deliver more of the smaller and medium payouts. However it’s the progressive jackpot games where the wins are astronomical, and although they may not be as regular as the classic versions of the games, these jackpots can reach up to and over a million dollars. Progressive slots games are networked together and the jackpot accumulates every time a bet is made, resulting in an enormous win for one lucky player on a single successful spin.

Selecting the Right Casino for Play

Australian players will be able to choose from a lot of online casinos, and this fact alone will make this choice a slightly more complicated process than one may think. The first thing prospective players should do is make sure the casino has a good reputation in terms of general customer service and the speed with which they process withdrawals. Investigate the payment options too, making sure that you will have access to the methods with which you will need to both make deposits and access your winnings. Once these essentials are done, you can move on to the more enjoyable process of finding out which Slots games the casino has available, and start winning big!

Payout Percentages Decoded

Some Slots will deliver better odds to the players than other will, and in order to tell, you simply compare the payout percentages for each game. This is how players can determine how much advantage the house has in each of the games. A 98 percent payout percentage translates into the fact that the house, or casino, keeps only two percent of the amount you decide to bet. Games that feature progressive jackpots will have payout percentages that change alongside the changes in the main jackpot, which is increasing in increments until it is finally won. If you struggle to find this information on any of the games, simply email the customer care team for the casino and you will be informed in no time at all.

Slots Strategy

Although luck plays an important part in winning these games, there are a couple of things you can do to strengthen your odds of winning. Firstly, ensure that you are betting enough to qualify for the available jackpots. There is occasionally a minimum bet requirement that you will need to meet in order to win. Secondly, quite a few games, most notably the video variation, will feature a bonus game that is skill-based, and practicing this beforehand will definitely increase your chance of winning. At the end of the day however, simply make sure you have chosen a recommended mobile casino, know how to better your chances of winning the game you have selected and sit back and enjoy your online slots experience!