Live Dealer Blackjack

More and more Australian players are enjoying one of the casino world’s most popular table games online – complete with living, breathing dealer. Live Dealer Blackjack is offered at the best of the online casinos that accept Australian players, and offers cash wins for cash bets.

Through live streaming technology, players will be able to watch the cards being dealt by the dealer, and most online casinos have enabled interaction between players and dealers. There is no relying on computers to determine wins or losses, no need to travel to a brick and mortar casino, no dress codes, and no waiting for tables.

Live Dealer Blackjack, Game play to look forward to

Many online casinos that accept Australian players offer Live Dealer Blackjack among their live streamed games. These games will either be in the classic 7-seat, multiplayer table form or in the one-to-many form. The latter features an altered deal convention which allows a dealer to deal to multiple players.

Some of the elements of this enthralling classic table game are: the 10-Card Charlie, in which a player wins if they draw 10 cards – unless the dealer has blackjack; the Double 9-11, in which a player can only double down on their first two cards with values of 9, 10, or 11; Double Any 2, in which a player may double down on any first 2-card combination.

In Live Dealer Blackjack, players can also: Hit Split Aces, in which they draw or hit cards to their split aces; Re-Split, in which players can split a split hand; place optional Side Bets; and Bet Behind, in which they can bet behind another seated player.

Thanks to constantly-improving technology, the excitement of a table game that has been enjoyed in casinos for hundreds of years can be played anytime, anywhere – all that’s needed is a computer, laptop or mobile device, and an internet connection.

Live dealers – What’s the deal?

The biggest draw card of Live Dealer Blackjack for many Australian players, apart from the action-packed classic game play and real cash prizes, is the live dealer. There are different reasons to choose this format of playing Blackjack online.

A live dealer takes online gaming to another level by bringing in a human element, instead of relying on a computer programme. Players can watch the dealers during the game, which adds to the peace of mind already enjoyed because of the security of playing at reputable online casinos.

Another advantage of live dealers in online table games like Live Dealer Blackjack is that players are often able to talk to the dealers during the game via a special chat feature. If players want clarity on rules or gameplay, the dealer is there to answer your questions.

Classic gameplay in the digital age

All this and more can be enjoyed by Australian players and players from around the world – and it doesn’t matter if they are novices or seasoned players. Play Live Dealer Blackjack online for real money today, and indulge in a classic casino experience with your very own dealer in the comfort of your own home today!