Live Dealer Roulette Australia

Roulette, a game where a white ball is thrown into a spinning wheel and players must bet on the number they think the ball will land on, has now gone from table top to live online game. Now roulette can be played with a live croupier, and other players from around the world. The game is brought to your PC screen in the comfort of your own home through a live stream or feed.

Players play Live Dealer Roulette in real time so the game is happening right now. The pretty croupier spins the wheel and places the bets in front of a camera, whether the shoot is happening in an actual casino or dealer studio. This is then sent to your screen via a third party licensor. Players are able to chat with the other players or the croupier through the chat option on the game. This makes for a very realistic, social and authentic gaming experience.

Not only is it realistic but it also removes the random generator from the game, giving players a real chance of winning big as the computer is not generating each spin outcome.

The benefits of playing roulette live

Ordinarily this game provides much excitement and thrills but playing it live ups the suspense. Not only can you play it at your own convenience, anytime and anywhere you desire but you also play multiple roulette games if you wish. There are many online casinos that offer these Live Dealer Roulette games and joining them is quick and easy. Some of these games allow you to customize the online environment, as well as to pick your own dealer as per your preference.

Another benefit of this game is that it allows players to play on auto bet mode which means they do not have to bet each time but allow the PC to do all the work. Some of these games also provide a game history so players can check the past spins and bets made. There’s also a variety of Live Dealer Roulette to choose from so players will never suffer from boredom. They can enjoy live European roulette, live American roulette or live French roulette. These games are really a great way to practise your skills and learn the fantastic game of online roulette. If you’re a high roller you can play on some of the larger bet tables and there are small wager tables also available for those who are penny conscious.

Start playing live roulette now and win

Australian players can now start playing Live Dealer Roulette by downloading the casino software onto their PC or playing it instantly online. Pick your dealer from a wide range of attractive croupiers, then ask the dealer about rules or immerse in general conversation before the game starts. You can pick between a male or female dealer. You can also speak to other players in the game before the first bets are placed. Then the bets are placed and the fun can begin.

Live Dealer Roulette is a popular choice amongst gamers as it offers many hours of rewarding fun, so make it your number one gaming choice for realistic and authentic play today!